The Wonder Strap Injury Recovery Aid
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Simple yet effective.  The Wonder Strap - helping in day-to-day mobility





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Illness - poor health and impairments Injury - physical damage and harm Mobility Issues - restricted physical movement

Dressing Aids help avoid potentially lethal falls for anyone weakened by illness and enable a person to regain independence during any illness that affects movement.

Helps with fall prevention for patients suffering from CHRONIC DEBILITATING LONG TERM CONDITIONS which can result in dizziness and breathlessness.

Helps by keeping lower garments at a manageable height for ARTHRITIS sufferers restoring independence and confidence.

Helps the ageing / infirm where the organs work below full capacity resulting in cyanosis and vulnerability to falls.

Helps with Inner ear problems / dizziness where the smallest movement can cause the person to become exhausted, particularly if breathing has become difficult.

Helps in the process of rehabilitation, becoming independent and living independently especially where injuries have left the person with limited movement or difficulties with co-ordination.

If a person is unable to bend for any reason due to problems with injured legs, back or hip, the Wonder Strap can be used without them having to bend.

It goes without saying that dressing aids can be essential to recovery in cases of severe injury and for amputees when a uniquely flexible type of dressing aid is needed.

A dressing aids breakthrough that can be safely recommended by physiotherapists to help in protecting the patient's health and speeding their recovery.

Keeps the lower garments within easy reach enabling independent dressing; giving a feeling of safety, security and confidence.

Dressing aids are a way for wheelchair users to maintain personal privacy by enabling them to dress and visit the toilet independently.

Helps with mobility after an operation by enabling one to dress and visit the bathroom without bending and reaching for their lower garments.

Dressing aids can be a vital part of fall prevention strategies after surgery or illness, which at that stage could prove calamitous.

Fits with the government ethos of modern medicine which sees having our own capabilities to run our own lives as critical to physical and mental wellbeing.

The NHS has implemented a range of measures which include development of an integrated falls service. With falls today we see PREVENTION as infinitely preferable to CURE.


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