The Wonder Strap Injury Recovery Aid
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Neurological Problems






Joint Replacement




Falls Prevention


Visual Impairment


Head Injuries


Breaks and Fractures






Wheel Chair


Walking Frames


Recovery from Surgery







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The Wonder Strap Dressing Aid was invented by Ryan Godwin. Ryan lives in Rossendale in Lancashire and is married to Ann.

Ryan has been involved in the provision of affordable homes in the area for a number of years and it was whilst looking after a friend of his, suffering from a terminal illness that he came up with the idea of the Wonder Strap. As Ryanís friend Jim, became weaker as his disease progressed he became more and more reliant upon others to look after him. Towards the end Jim was unable to dress himself or pull up his trousers which caused him a lot of distress because like everyone he didnít want to undergo the ordeal of having someone have to dress and undress him.

On top of the physical pain he was suffering at that time the stress and upset caused by this loss of dignity destroyed what little quality of life he actually had.

Having been involved in the process and watching the situation Ryan decided to try to do something about this and so began working on the idea of a device which could automatically raise lower and raise the lower garments, enabling the wearer who could be suffering from cancer, stroke, fracture, Parkinsons disease, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis, to regain some of their former independence.

The psychological effect of loss of independence is devastating and can cause the patient to deteriorate more quickly because the vital quality of life needs to be maintained at all costs. Depression following a stroke is a big problem and sadly many people fall whilst trying to dress because their sense of balance becomes impaired. Falls at this stage of life can easily lead to a long stay in hospital and referral to full time care homes. The true cost of this in emotional not to mention financial terms can be devastating for the person, their partners, families and friends.

Ryan's ambitions are to make the Wonder Strap Dressing Aid a household name that will help to enhance the quality of life for thousands of people across the country.