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Falls Prevention Dressing aids and falls prevention

Falls prevention is seen today as crucial as, sadly, a fall is very often the trigger for a range of conditions that lead directly to the death of the person having the fall.

Falls can be very simple, even very slight but they affect an older person in many ways, the fall can cause actual injury or even just undermine confidence, anything which prevents us moving about in a natural way can be devastating to long term health, physical and mental.

Hundreds of thousands of people die following a fall, broken arms, legs and hips can require a long term in bed which leads to chest infections in the immobile person.

Our homes are being designed to cater for an older population, heating lighting and furnishing systems are all designed to be safer for us to use but many people slip or over balance whilst trying to dress or managing to pull up their lower garments whilst visiting the toilet.

The Wonder Strap can prevent falls very simply and therefore save lives, with the Wonder Strap there is no need to bend down, reach or stretch to pick up lower garments when dressing they are held at a safe and convenient height for the wearer and so the Wonder Strap is one of the best ways to keep an elderly relative safe from falls which sadly occur every day throughout the world.

A healthy 85 year old, independent and enjoying life can be hospitalised for months and discharged to a care home following even a minor fall, the cost of this can be many thousands of pounds and the stress put on a partner can lead to their deterioration. Following a fall the person can be susceptible to confusion, at risk from a stroke, suffer a huge loss in confidence, generally deteriorate at a massive rate.

Modern governments now realise that prevention is of prime importance as the cost in human and financial terms are spiralling out of control and so often the cure is beyond all our best efforts.

Whether disability is temporary or longer term, dressing aids can be essential - and there is no more flexible dressing aid than the Wonder Strap - a vital invention tried and tested by users throughout the UK.