The Wonder Strap Injury Recovery Aid
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As ill health becomes apparent following a stroke, heart attack, diabetes, cancer or other disease a person can become unsteady and too weak or frail to bend down. When this happens they become vulnerable to falls.

A fall to a person already beset by a number of other complaints can become lethal as it means that the person may be immobile as a result of fracture of the hip, femur, pelvis or other major bones. The resultant loss of mobility can cause a respiratory infection which will in many cases lead to a significant decline in the health of the patient.

The Wonder Strap Dressing Aid if used as part of a series of other measures will help to keep a vulnerable person more independent by enabling them to dress and visit the bathroom independently and give them an incentive to keep mobile and do things for themselves which is essential to maintain mobility and a quality of life which is conducive to a healthier existence.

The Wonder Strap Dressing Aid will be best employed as a measure to enable a person to regain their independence during an illness which affects movement. Motor skills are or can be impaired to a greater or lesser extent by loss of eyesight, problems of the nervous system precipitated maybe by a disease such as Parkinson's disease or Motor Neurone disease, Huntingtons Chorea, Multiple Sclerosis or cerebral attaxia are all possible problems which may affect ability to bend and reach without risking a fall.