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Arthritis Dressing aids and arthritis

A range of conditions which vastly limit the person's abilities to move about; arthritis, rheumatoid athritis and osteoarthritis.

These conditions cause the joints themselves to deteriorate until they will not move and so the person can be in dreadful pain just trying to move very slightly, unfortunately these diseases tend to be progressive and the results being that in the very long term a person can find a great deal of difficulty in moving about, perhaps relying on a frame or a wheelchair for some of the time.

The Wonder Strap can help by keeping the lower garments at a height which will enable the wearer to dress themselves and adjust their own clothing which gives independence and confidence back to the wearer.

When hands are affected by arthritis they can become painful and sometimes they can become twisted and contorted in a way which makes gripping or holding anything impossible.

Associated with the condition there is usually a loss of power in the hands as the nerves and sinews are affected by the swelling of knuckles and joints caused by the arthritis.

In this situation the Wonder Strap is an ideal remedy because once it has been attached to the lower garment the wearer can dress without holding or pulling up clothing, other than a final small adjustment, this gives a person with poorly hands independence and confidence to get on with their lives.

Dressing aids provide practical solutions for everyday dressing for those with restricted mobility that can be caused by many different circumstances. Whether disability or dressing difficulty is temporary or long-term, dressing aids can be essential to independence and confidence. Wonder Strap has a unique flexibility to meet the needs of more individual users than many other frequently recommended dressing aids.