The Wonder Strap Injury Recovery Aid
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Disabilities Dressing aids and disabilities

Anyone physically challenged as a result of any disability can have a range of problems associated with movement when motor skills are impeded by disease or genetic disorders.

The application of the Wonder Strap is being able to help someone would have to be carried out on a case by case basis. In cases where someone may lack the co-ordination to pull up their lower garments then the Wonder Strap would be able to assist them to get on with their every day life without the frustration of having to wait for a carer or nurse to come and help.

Someone suffering from cerebral palsy could be helped but it would depend to some extent on the severity of the problems as to how much use could be gained from the use of the Wonder Strap.

A person whose arms may be missing by amputation or other problem could benefit greatly by the use of the strap, someone with limbs missing or a person blinded, ex forces personnel injured in action could all be greatly assisted by use of the Wonder Strap.

The Strap can be made in any size to suit the wearer, all enquiries are most welcome there is no extra charge for this service.

Someone suffering from the affects of one or several strokes could be helped greatly to regain their independence by the use of the Wonder Strap.

A person suffering from the debilitating affect of cancer, the cancer itself or indeed the treatment wether it be surgical intervention, radiation or chemotherapy could find themselves without the strength to dress themselves and this is where the Wonder Strap can give back essential independence to restore confidence, dignity and so make a very bad situation more tolerable.

The Wonder Strap is easy to use, good looking and washable it can be worn as an accessory in its own right or be hidden under a cardigan, jumper, coat or jacket. It has very strong fasteners and so can be relied upon to keep everything in place for the wearer to have an active life without fear of lower garments coming adrift.

Dressing aids can be a vital help in many cases and Wonder Strap is designed with a unique flexibility that meets the needs of more individual users than any other physician recommended dressing aid.