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Exhaustion Dressing aids and exhaustion

Exhaustion is a massive problem amongst the vulnerable elderly groups. Sometimes due to a general loss of condition or malaise a person simply becomes to weak to do anything at all, their strength simply fails.

Extreme age can account for this but very often the problem can be a heart weakness, poor circulation causing debility, a disease which is slowly overtaking the person, organ failure, respiratory disease, the onset of any diseases such as diabetes, transient ischaemic attack or a range of blood disorders can be the culprit. Very often the condition isn't simple it is just so many things wearing out that treatment becomes palliative as there is no cure and the illness has to take its own course at this point the management of a long term illness has dreadful implications for everyone involved, the patient has a lessened quality of life expectancy although often what could be fatal to one person will allow another to live for another twenty years.

When a person starts to go through this process a fall can bring matters to a crisis point, a patient being scrutinised in terms of general ability and condition would be considered by the authorities as having certain needs to be addressed by extra care being provided or assistance to family care givers and then equipment to be provided to allow the patient as much quality of life as possible, the Wonder Strap could be used to enhance the personal choice and independence of that person and so improve the quality of day to day living and in many cases avoid the need for that person to have a fall which will end up being a disaster for everyone concerned.

Again physiotherapists and care specialists, occupational therapists will assess each case and advise where necessary.

Dressing aids provide practical solutions for everyday dressing for those with restricted mobility that can be caused by many different circumstances. Whether disability or dressing difficulty is temporary or long-term, dressing aids can be essential to independence and confidence. Wonder Strap has a unique flexibility to meet the needs of more individual users than many other frequently recommended dressing aids.