The Wonder Strap Injury Recovery Aid
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  watch the demonstration video to see how easy it is to use

Breaks and Fractures Dressing aids and breaks and fractures

Breaks and fractures are certain to leave the sufferer having difficulty moving about and dressing independently, the Wonder Strap can help anyone male or female of any age in any condition to dress and undress and visit the bathroom.

In this way the Wonder Strap can be used by anyone of any age, it is completely unisex and stylish in appearance.

If the arm or wrist is dislocated or broken or injured in any other way the Wonder Strap is ideal because the pants are held in a way that a person with only one hand can easily dress themselves and visit the bathroom as the lower garments are automatically raised by the use of the Wonder Strap.

If a person is unable to bend due to problems with injured legs, backs or hips for any reason then again the Wonder Strap can be used as it can be used to dress without the person having to bend as the strap can be used as per the demonstration to draw the trousers or lower garments onto the legs whilst the person is sitting and when they stand the trousers are raised by the tension of the strap alone.

The strap is comfortable and has been developed especially to be worn loosely all day so that it is in constant use whilst needed. A Wonder Strap used very infrequently whilst a person is recovering from a broken arm, leg, ankle, femur could be easily be kept as part of a household first aid kit and would be available as and when the need arose and would be useful for many years.

A younger person being more fashion conscious could have a few different colours of straps to match any outfit and still remain looking good, the Wonder Strap could be worn as a fashion accessory, it is smart and doesn't stand out as an injury aid. The invention could be adopted by a young person as part of a new look for instance.

Dressing aids provide practical solutions for everyday dressing for those with restricted mobility that can be caused by many different circumstances. Whether disability or dressing difficulty is temporary or long-term, dressing aids can be essential to independence and confidence. Wonder Strap has a unique flexibility to meet the needs of more individual users than many other frequently recommended dressing aids.