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Head Injuries Dressing aids and head injuries

Regarding head injuries, this is a massive area of problems and as the brain is one of the least understood parts of our make up when it is damaged the results can differ vastly according to the extent of the damage and the part of th ebrain which is affected.

Very often following the trauma of an injury the person has to be taught again to move about or re trained to remember everyday things. Our brains are a vastly complex arrangement of memories and processes which allow us to function normally, disruption to any part especially the part which are responsible for our motor responses can mean that after an injury we take a long time to be able to do the smallest tasks for ourselves.

In the on going management of physiotherapy and rehabilitation the patient has to re introduced to hitherto simple and basic operations vital for the maintenance of daily living. Bathing and visiting the toilet and dressing are all part of this retraining.

The Wonder Strap could help massively here in the process of rehabilitation, it could help in the process of a person becoming independent and living independently especially where the injuries have left the person with limited movement or difficulties with co-ordination which is very often the case.

In this instance the Wonder Strap is used as a tool to help people recover their independence and confidence which can help them to live a normal a life as possible as soon as possible, this can be vital in the recovery process of the individual and the versatility of the Wonder Strap means that it is easy to obtain and very low cost aid to regaining independence.

Whatever the cause of disability, dressing aids can be a life-transforming help to anyone facing difficulty with dressing. Tests show that the unique design of the Wonder Strap dressing aid makes it suitable in the widest variety of circumstances.