The Wonder Strap Injury Recovery Aid
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Neurological Problems






Joint Replacement




Falls Prevention


Visual Impairment


Head Injuries


Breaks and Fractures






Wheel Chair


Walking Frames


Recovery from Surgery







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Medication Dressing aids and medication

Anti- coagulants,Diazepam, flouroxetine, irbesartan, losartan, atenolol, digoxin,oxycontin,nitroglycerin, beta blockers, alpha blockers,warfarin, morphine, morphine sulphate, aspirin,opiates, barbiturates, anti inflammatories, insulin, analgesia, furosemide, paracetamol, codeine, diuretics, steroids and anaesthetics.

Many people using treatment for heart ailments, blood pressure related illnesses, chronic obstructive airways disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease will be using a mix of some of these medicines to control their main symptoms.

The Wonder Strap has advantages in its use as it is able to be used by anyone, doesn't interfere with their medication or drug regime, has no side effects, is easy to use and very effective and can be life changing for the client and their carers because it allows and encourages the person to regain their freedom, they can take charge of their lives again, get dressed when they want to without having to wait for someone to call on them at a certain time in the morning for instance.

The Wonder Strap is light and strong and durable, it doesn't need any complicated instruction to be used and is very comfortable in it use due to the fabric from which it is constructed having a very comfortable handle.

Whether disability is temporary or longer term, dressing aids can be essential - and there is no more flexible dressing aid than the Wonder Strap - a vital invention tried and tested by users throughout the UK.