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Neurological Problems Dressing aids and neurological problems

One example of a neurological complaint where The Wonder Strap can help is Multiple Sclerosis which has been identified as the reaction of the body to toxic elements causing it to attack itself using its own immune system, the brain suffers inflammation and the onset of a disease begins which has a terrible progression over sometimes many years.

The Wonder Strap can help someone who because of their MS cannot grip or bend to hold their clothing because the lower garment is supported by the shoulders, neck and collar bone which means that the garment is help in position independently of the actions of the wearer.

Another neurological problem is unspecific dizziness which affects millions of people, especially the elderly, a feeling of nausea sometimes described as a swimming feeling, particularly following even a relatively mild stroke, this giddiness makes the person liable to lose their balance very easily leading to the increased probability of a fall.

Dizziness can be caused by a series of other maladies such as abnormal blood pressure, disorders of the blood or poor circulation deriving from heart ailments, the after effects of radiation treatment or chemotherapy, cancers which affect the blood, brain and many more.

Cancers affecting the lung and spine spread (metastatic cancers) and this interferes with the spinal column which in turn causes someone to have 'dizzy spells'.

Peripheral neuropathy is simply the damage to nerves emanating from the brain and going to different parts of the body. The nerves which serve the hands and feet are very long and thin and susceptible to damage from a range of different problems, loss of sensation in feet and hands is a dreadful problem, pins and needles and numbness caused by this mean lack of sensation which is a huge cause of bad falls resulting in fracture and other accidents which make life for the sufferer very dangerous and even dressing can become impossible to do safely.

In these cases the underlying problem can be very serious but the symptoms when they affect the ability of that person to function present a huge risk of falling and risk assesments need to be carried out carefully for someone with these issues as they are so vulnerable.

The toes are our stabillisers and as is the case with diabetes when cell death occurs because of circulation no longer working then peripheral neuropathy can led to a massive amount of other problems.

The Wonder Strap can help especially because the person can avoid having to bend, stretch, reach , grip and balance themselves whilst dressing which are all potential hazards to their well being.

Someone with diabetes may have a slight fall, break the skin on the foot or leg and the wound never heals, becomes infected and the limb has to be removed, this is a real catastrophe for the patient. Once the foot or leg is amputated usually the other one isn't far behind and life gets very difficult then for everyone concerned, the outlook can be very difficult.

It is essential to avoid falls to break this chain of events and this is where the Wonder Strap comes into its own.

Dressing aids to enable dressing with independence, whether designed for the elderly, physically less able, or use by carers and care professionals, are essential in so many cases. The unique design of the Wonder Strap dressing aid makes it so easy to use that it is guaranteed to be the most suitable dressing helper for almost anyone.