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Polypharmacy Dressing aids and polypharmacy

Polypharmacy is a huge problem particularly today as so many drugs are available to treat so many different problems, unfortunately very often the combined effect of using drugs, some very strong, over a prolonged period of time the actual treatment can cause more problems to the patient than their original complaint.

The person can become drug dependant or drug intolerant and there can be reactions which cause the body to reject the drug. This can be dangerous because many of the drugs we take have toxic components which taken over a long time can build up and cause serious health issues , it is therefore very important to undergo regular reviews of a drug regime to ensure that all is well. The effects of taking medication are measured usually by regular blood tests to ensure that nothing is going wrong behind the scenes.

The great advantage of the Wonder Strap is that it can help so much as an intervention but doesn't place us at any more risk through increasing our intake of expensive and dangerous drugs it is inexpensive and can save lives by avoiding accidental falls in elderly, ill and vunerable groups.

The Wonder Strap can be easily and cheaply transported and gives confidence, dignity and quality of life back to the wearer without any possibility of long term damage which can and does occur when people become addicted to prescription drugs.

Today any kind of dependency is seen as not ideal. The use of dependency forming drugs is avoided today much more so than it was in the past. Librium is one example of a drug which was prescribed only a few years ago which leads to dependency and actually coming off it left the user in a dreadful state, today we are more careful to avoid giving drugs which eventually cause more problems.

Whatever the cause of disability, dressing aids can be a life-transforming help to anyone facing difficulty with dressing. Tests show that the unique design of the Wonder Strap dressing aid makes it suitable in the widest variety of circumstances.