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Traumas Dressing aids and traumas

In the case of a trauma, the resultant injuries which may be sustained could be of a short term nature of possibly last for the rest of the patients life.

The initial trauma could precipitate other problems which could occur even years into the future, in particular a blow to the head or body can cause swelling which in turn put pressure on vital nerves and other organs and can cause the patient to have a totally different prognosis than anything which may have been caused by the initial incident.

Modern methods of investigation and a better understanding of the science which governs the function of our metabolism have helped to reduce certain unexpected results but everyone is different and as such are subject to different reactions, vastly different reactions to the same set of circumstances or in this instance trauma injuries.

Very often during recovery the patient will be referred to a physiotherapist or occupational therapist who will give advice on the various therapies and exersizes which can be prescribed to aid recovery and regain use of damaged limbs, physiotherapy is seen today as very important in re establishing the foundation of a person's health and wellbeing.

Various pieces of equipment can be recommended to the patient by health care proffesionals which can be seen as protecting the patients health and aiding their recovery.

Homes can be fitted with a range of access ramps, pull bars, handles, wide doorways for wheelchair access and specially adapted features which accommodate a range of measures designed specifically to make every day living so much easier for the person who has suffered the original trauma.

With MRSA and so called superbugs which are resistant to our armoury of medicines the idea today is to try and get the trauma patient stabilised in their home environment, by a multi faceted approach of medication and rehabilitation, a team of health care workers get togather and hold a conference which will involve the patient and their relatives and partners and together decisions will be made about the future care needs, all support which will need to be provided.

In this package risk assesments will have to be done on a rolling continuous basis, for the patient and their carers, safety and security are paramount in this and the great need to prevent a fall which can cause a greater deterioration to a person already in a vulnerable state.

The Wonder Strap can be used in this environment to reduce the likliehood of further falls which to a person in a poorly state already could very easily prove to be very bad if not indeed fatal.

Causes of disability vary, but dressing aids can make a vitally important difference to anyone facing problems with dressing independently, whether the difficulty is temporary or something to be faced in the longer term. The unique design of the Wonder Strap dressing aid makes it the most suitable in the widest variety of circumstances.