The Wonder Strap Injury Recovery Aid
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Visual Impairment


Head Injuries


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Wheel Chair


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Visual Impairment Dressing aids and visual imparment

Visual impairment is extremely common today and the problem can deteriorate with age, someone with poor sight can struggle to reach down and grasp their lower garments whilst simultaneously attempting to stand, this can lead to falling which is a huge risk for someone who cannot see properly.

The Wonder Strap means that the wearer can keep their lower garments within easy reach, this gives a feeling of safety and security and enhances confidence that otherwise would be seriously affected by their inability to get dressed independently.

A person with any vision problems can have a difficult time with many things but the Wonder Strap makes dressing so much easier it is one less thing to worry about.

Dressing aids to enable dressing with independence, whether designed for the elderly, physically less able, or use by carers and care professionals, are essential in so many cases. The unique design of the Wonder Strap dressing aid makes it so easy to use that it is guaranteed to be the most suitable dressing helper for almost anyone.