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Wheelchair Dressing aids for wheelchair users

Wheelchairs can be prescribed in various shapes and sizes, some designed specifically and adapted for the particular needs of the client. The shape and size of the chair and its back rest and padding can all be subject to a certain amount of customisation to suit the user.

Today many wheelchairs are motorised and there are a great number of these machines, there are also motorised scooters which allow the user greater access to get out and about into the community to do their shopping and run their own errands and visit their friends.

This access to mobility demostrates the need and importance attached to a person being able to get out an dabout and maintain their freedom and quality of life. As a person needs to be able to make their own decisions about what to do or where to go as a society we now realise the value and great importance of independence.

The Wonder Strap is another way for a person to maintain that vital independence as it enables them to dress and visit the bathroom independently and so fits with the ethos of modern medicine and government which sees the process of having our own capabilities to run our own lives as critical to physical and to a large extent mental wellbeing.

Wheel chairs are of two distinct types, on ebeing propelled by an attendant and the other being one designed to be propelled by the actual user, this latter type have a pair of large rear wheels at the back rather like bicycle wheels which the chair user can grip and so propel themselves forward, backward or whatever. Theer is some skill in this as the user may need to be able to perform wheelies to conquer steep steps etc. Mobility Scooters are seen in great numbers today they are generally operated by an electric battery and millions of hitherto housebound people have regained their independence by this method of transport.

Of course some people only need a chair because walking is perfectly possible but they become tired so quickly that they don't have the strength to stand, this could be due to respiratory problems or disease, a heart complaint, emphysema, bronchitis or recent degenerative stroke, all of which means that perhaps whilst a person can walk from on eroom to another they haven't the strength to walk say 20 yards without stopping for a rest.

Other chair users won't perhaps be able to walk at all for a number of reasons, they may be able to stand and do most things independentl, like dressing and visiting the bathroom but haven't the capacity to walk anywhere safely.

Sometimes a wheel chair is used by someone who may have lost a lower limb and is waiting for the flesh to heal so that they can then be measured for a prosthetic device which will allow them to walk, an application here may be limb lost due to the affect of sugar diabetes.

A person at seventy who loses a leg is a prime candidate for a bad fall and so the Wonder Strap would be a great advantage as a safety and confidence building measure.

In the case of someone who is short of breath (SOB) then as well as a chair there may be oxygen use prescribed and the oxygen tank may be connected to the wheelchair, in some cases as well as wheelchair use there may be stairlifts and elevators and lifts installed.

Some lifts could be just to lift a wheel chair a metre or so to accommodate a change in the level of the floor surface or decking.

Stairlifts are fitted now with great regularity, the idea is that the house can still be used fully by the occupant who otherwise could be unable to easily ascend the stairs, there have been massive advertising campaigns for many different brands of this product, morte modern versions can tend to take less space and generally look better than their earlier counterparts, where needed the chairs can be fitted with safety bars, straps and harnesses to help to prevent the user having any accidents.

The Wonder Strap will enable a person in this environment to avoid falls and slips which they woudl otherwise by liable to having with disasterous consequences.

Whether disability is temporary or longer term, dressing aids can be essential - and there is no more flexible dressing aid than the Wonder Strap - a vital invention tried and tested by users throughout the UK.