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Joint Replacement Dressing aids and joint replacement

This is a very common procedure today and is known as arthroplasty which means literally 'formation of joint'

Replacements themselves are called prosthesis and are made from special medical grade metals or plastics designed to withstand the demanding stresses when in use in the patient.

Now the operation can be done to replace wrists, knees, shoulders, hips, ankles fingers and toes.

The cartilage in the joint becomes damaged or diseased, the patient finds it painful an difficult to move the joint and so doesn't, in turn the joint stiffens to an even greater degree the muscles waste around the joint and so don't hold everything correctly which causes greater deterioration and atrophy.

There is also a procedure known as osteotomy which involves re aligning joints in cases which don't yet warrant replacement. The orthopaedic surgeon carries out the replacement procedure and there are several problems associated with post operative matters.

After an operation there is the chance that confinement to bed and associated restricted movements can cause circulation rates to be slowed considerably and this gives rise to blood clots which can cause dreadful consequences, anti coagulants may be prescribed in order to reduce this risk.

The Wonder Strap can help a great deal because it is designed to give the patient the chance to regain mobility and independence and therefore encourage and promote recovery at a greater rate, with less chance of a catastrophic fall, people after undergoing major surgery have to avoid falls at all costs. A person who has undergone hip replacement is told that bending is out of the question for so many weeks after their operation and of course the Wonder Strap allows a person to dress WITHOUT BENDING.

Dressing aids can be a vital help in many cases and Wonder Strap is designed with a unique flexibility that meets the needs of more individual users than any other physician recommended dressing aid.