The Wonder Strap Injury Recovery Aid
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Neurological Problems






Joint Replacement




Falls Prevention


Visual Impairment


Head Injuries


Breaks and Fractures






Wheel Chair


Walking Frames


Recovery from Surgery







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The WonderStrap is a brand new invention, an ideal concept for independent living, a simple dressing aid which gives the wearer confidence and through helping to prevent falls can limit associated health deterioration.

An easy to use and good looking product, The WonderStrap Dressing Aid can be worn under a jacket or cardigan and be 100% discreet. It allows the wearer to avoid bending and stretching when dressing and is ideal for hip replacement patients, stroke patients, and those recovering from a fracture or those suffering from dizziness.

The WonderStrap is a light and comfortable product, invented in 2006 to address the needs of a person with movement difficulties to remain independent and safe. These unique dressing aids come in a range of colours and can easily be adjusted to fit any size.

The WonderStrap can be worn all day without any difficulty, it avoids the wearer having to reach down to pull up their lower garments as it holds the lower garments within reach at all times.

This idea is so simple it is amazing and yet able to give the wearer back their dignity, independence and confidence, which avoids the stress and depression that can happen when we become dependent on carers for assistance with dressing following a stroke, cerebral haemorrhage, transient ischaemic attack (T.I.A) or similar debilitating condition.

No mechanical parts, no complicated instructions, an easy to use product and certainly one of the least expensive dressing aids in the UK at only 19.95 plus postage and packing (2.50).

Rather than accept that falls are a necessary consequence of eyesight problems, vertigo, paralysis, arthritis or infirmity due to age, the health care system is being geared to fall prevention. Instead of being reactive to problems it is accepted that we must become pro active and the WonderStrap can be used as part of programme to reduce the chances of an accident by simply avoiding the wearer having to bend whilst dressing or visiting the bathroom to adjust their lower garments.

Of course this is also a revolution for carers because in the management of long term and chronic conditions this product can release the carer from some duties and so take pressure off the carer who in many cases will be a relative, sometimes elderly who may be struggling to cope in the first place.

We believe this dressing aid invention will not only help thousands of people throughout the UK who are trapped by their inability to dress and manage their clothing, it will also help to prevent many of the disastrous falls suffered by the elderly in our communities every day.