The Wonder Strap Injury Recovery Aid
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Neurological Problems






Joint Replacement




Falls Prevention


Visual Impairment


Head Injuries


Breaks and Fractures






Wheel Chair


Walking Frames


Recovery from Surgery






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Rehabilitation Dressing aids and rehabilitation

The Wonder Strap is an ideal tool in the case of rehabilitation of the patient following stroke, surgery, or injury involving the motor areas of the brain.

This is very important in fact crucial in the LONG TERM MANAGEMENT OF CHRONIC conditions the patient needs as much stimulation as is possible to keep a sens eof independence to avoid further problems such as nervous exhaustion which can follow a major physical problem. Today we recognise that psychological welfare can be every bit as important and physical well being.

The Wonder Strap can be worn all day every day without any ill effect, it is light, comfortable and durable and its potential benefits are truly massive to someone who may be in a semi paralysed condition or whose every movement is a trial to them , not having to worry about pulling on your trousers is one big worry LESS.

Causes of disability vary, but dressing aids can make a vitally important difference to anyone facing problems with dressing independently, whether the difficulty is temporary or something to be faced in the longer term. The unique design of the Wonder Strap dressing aid makes it the most suitable in the widest variety of circumstances.