The Wonder Strap Injury Recovery Aid
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December 2006

After breaking my arm I found it extremely difficult to do daily tasks that previously I barely thought about. The Wonder Strap was a Godsend and made the task of dressing in the morning something I could complete without assistance.

D. Cox

January 2007

After having used The Wonder Strap I find it invaluable for all types of trousers. I am recovering from a hip operation and it has been a boon. In fact, apart from my socks, I have been self sufficient from DAY ONE. I can whole heartedly recommend it.

James Kearney

Mr Kearney had a hip replacement and was struggling a great deal to move at all , when he was discharged he was in a great deal of pain and was having real problems.

A hip operation is a big procedure and involves a massive trauma to the recipient of the new hip, they have to learn to walk again and recover from the effects of the surgery and general anaesthetic.

The Wonder Strap was able to help Mr Kearney dress himself and so maintain his independence following the operation.

February 2007

After years of pain arising from my arthritic knees Wonder Strap has indeed been a wonder. After all these years the effect of being able to dress myself with minimal discomfort and difficulty has been truly life changing.

G. Clough

June 2007

Dear Mr. Godwin,

We would like to thank you for your quick response to our request for a Wonder Strap.
Our clients are young adults with severe learning disabilities and we tried the Wonder Strap on a man with Down’s Syndrome.
All of our clients are incontinent but kept to a regular toilet programme. We have a few who will initiate going to the toilet on occasion but find it difficult to manage their garments especially when wearing a belt. This is when we decided to give the Wonder Strap a try and I must say with quite good success. With training and perseverance our client is now getting used to not having to loosen a belt to go to the toilet.

Your invention must be a great asset to those who have suffered illness or even just getting older as it certainly works well.

Good luck.
Yours faithfully L. Newton, Deputy Manager.

L. Newton