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Walking Frames Dressing aids for walking frame users

There are many different walking frames (ZIMMER FRAMES) available, some are on three wheels, some are four legged.

Some have attached baskets and trays which can be used to carry things and attachments to enable magazines and newspapers to be transported. Generally these frames are adjustable and built from durable light but strong alloys which make them ideal for the job.

They are another measure to avoid an elderly person having a fall and in recent years there have been many millions made, thirty years ago they were in their infancy but anyone who needs to use a walking frame could very probably need to use a Wonder Strap, the two things would tend to go together, both are measures to increase SAFE MOBILITY of the user. Safety is paramount here when a person could be elderly or otherwise inacapacitated and vulnerable to slips trips and falls .

Walking frames are made in a variety of shapes and sizes, some for inside and some for outside, some adapted to carry shopping and so forth, some fold away and are collapsible for storage or so they can be easily put away in a car for transportation. Some have brakes built into the handle as an increased safety feature and all this would be unheard of just a few years ago. All these measures are to prevent the person from falling.

Walking sticks have also been developed into telescopic and collapsable devices, some have three small feet on to give greater stability to the user, use of large non slip ferrules has become normal all in the name of accident and fall prevention. Som esticks are wooden but some now are light weight allloys made to be strong durable and most of all safe, the Wonder Strap is another product which promotes safety and helps to prevent falls.

Dressing aids to enable dressing with independence, whether designed for the elderly, physically less able, or use by carers and care professionals, are essential in so many cases. The unique design of the Wonder Strap dressing aid makes it so easy to use that it is guaranteed to be the most suitable dressing helper for almost anyone.